Lorsqu’il s’agit de fixer ses tarifs en tant que coach, l’une des décisions les plus délicates à prendre est de déterminer si vous devez afficher vos tarifs ou les garder secrets. Cette question divise souvent les professionnels du coaching, mais la vérité est qu’il n’y a pas de réponse unique qui convienne à tous. Dans […]

Pourquoi certains coachs préfèrent garder leurs tarifs secrets

Ask nearly anyone who runs an online business what their biggest struggle is, and chances are they’ll say “more traffic.” You need traffic to build an email list. You need traffic to make sales. You need traffic to fill your coaching programs. So the big question is, where do you get all that traffic? Sure, you could buy […]

Get Seen, Get Traffic: Three Ways to Borrow Someone Else’s Audience

For coaches in nearly any field, product creation is the best way to: • Reach a wider audience • Grow your brand • Earn more profits So why aren’t more coaches adopting the product creation strategy? Like you, they’re stuck in the process, unsure of the steps to take to create a great product. Step 1: Identify a […]

3 Easy Steps to Creating Your First Product

When you think of a business plan, you probably think of pages of text and graphs and boring stats and numbers. You know, the kind of thing you’d nervously push across the desk to a bank officer in hopes of securing a loan. I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of anything I […]

Business Planning is Fun Again

LinkedIn is the premier social media platform for professionals in all industries. With over 260 million monthly users, you have quite a large base to develop new connections and build relationships with potential clients. However, there are several LinkedIn “sins” which can haunt you and affect your credibility and reputation. Here are just a few things […]

5 Things You Won’t See Me Do on LinkedIn

Have you looked at your competitors recently to see what they’re doing in their business? Don’t compare yourself to them because that will wear on your self-esteem but simply look at their websites and take note of what packages and products they offer. Do they offer anything different from you? Do they have a variety […]

Give Up the Excuses; You Really CAN Teach an Online Course

We all do it. No matter how successful you are, at one time or another you’ll fall into the self-sabotage trap, and the price of admission is high. • Your income will suffer. • Your self-esteem will plummet. • Your confidence will find new lows. The end result? Frustration. Burnout. Resentment (of your clients or your business). And […]

Self-Sabotaging Behaviors That Keep You From Earning What You’re Worth

1. Your business rules your life. If your clients are calling, texting, or emailing at all hours of the day, expecting you to answer, your business is ruling your life. Boundaries are important to your wellbeing and clients should know upfront that you are not on call 24/7. You are a coach, not a first […]

It’s Time to Make Changes to Your Business Practices When…

Journaling is sometimes considered the modern day’s version of writing in a diary. While little girls often write down whom they have a crush on or what they want to be when they grow up, writing down your hopes and dreams for the future as an adult will help you stay focused and help you […]

Embrace Your Artistic Side with Creative Journaling Techniques

Got a tiny list? You’re not alone. In fact, every single one of the most successful, “have it all” entrepreneurs once had a tiny list. Marie Forleo, Carrie Wilkerson, Denise Duffield-Thomas—they all begin with a single subscriber, just like you did. But they didn’t let it hold them back. They didn’t commit any of the […]

3 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Tiny List

L’optimisme, c’est s’autoriser à envisager une tournure favorable aux événements et agir dans ce sens ; il est bénéfique sur le plan social, mental et sur la santé. Être optimiste construit de bonnes relations avec autrui et rend les expériences du quotidien plus agréables. Nous connaissons tous dans notre entourage une personne qui semble toujours trouver […]

Est-ce que les bienfaits de l’optimisme sont bien réels ?

Vision boards are meant to be a tool to focus on what’s important in your life – focus on your family, business goals, or living a carefree lifestyle. How you create your vision board or what it looks like aesthetically doesn’t have any bearing on how well it will work. If you have the Martha […]

5 Ways to Make Vision Boards Work for You Without Being Crafty