Want to Be a Social Media Darling? Write a Book…

Ajouté à Business — juillet 16, 2023


Are you looking for new ways to become the life of the party, gain a lot of attention, and be more relevant in the world of social media? Writing a book is the best place to begin. There are many benefits of writing books that dive deeper than the social media front, but your decision to write a book can definitely give your social media presence a massive boost. Here’s what you need to do.

Writing a Book Establishes You as an Expert; Use that to Your Advantage

By the time you finish doing all the research and study required to write a book that is informative and compelling, you will be an expert on the topic. Followers understand the effort that goes into researching and writing a book and that is attractive to them and will attract them to your social media postings where they can learn even more from your insights.

You Get to Publicize Your Book with Fun Social Media Events

Have you ever noticed how the public hangs on every word, every style tip, favorite lipstick shade, and fashion choice of famous socialites like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton? Everyone likes to be around someone who is the life of the party. It attracts them to you and has them hanging on your every word.

As an author, you have the opportunity to become the life of the party in your industry leading up to the official launch of your book. Build excitement with pre-launch parties and events plus celebrate post-launch milestones as well. Your followers will adore you for it. Plus, they will share the love by inviting their friends to follow you as well.

Keep the Messages Going Even After Your Launch

Don’t allow the momentum of your book launch die in a post-launch slump. Even if you plan to take a break for a few days following the main event, make sure you have social media messages lined up and ready to go during your downtime. Try to spend a few hours a day, though, reading through comments and responding to your followers to keep interest in you and your book lively.

Respond Directly to Your Followers

Responding to your social media followers is important if you want to become a true social media darling. Reading a book gets you the attention you desire, but building relationships helps you sustain it by making your followers feel important to you and letting them know they can turn to you for advice.

Publicize Local Appearances, Speaking Engagements, Etc. on Social Media

Let your fans know where they can find you. It’s more important than you realize and can make a huge difference for your social media presence and following. Some people have a hard time being the center of attention, but the bigger your following, the more potential for new clients, speaking invites, and joint venture projects.

The great thing about building a bigger, better social media presence is that it is a gift that will continue to give back to you and can be built upon even more through consistent effort with your followers. Whenever you need a big boost, you can always write a new book to net new interest and new followers.


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